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if there was an hour long sex tape of louis just straight up devouring eleanor the larry shippers would still say ‘YOU CAN SEE THE SADNESS IN HIS EYES MANAGEMENT MADE HIM DO THIS’

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every time I use “they” to refer to a single gender-unknown person on Tumblr, another piece of my grammar-filled heart shatters, and the pieces scatter at the bottom of hell

“They” has been a singular pronoun for hundreds of years, you melodramatic dipshit.

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how are hipster posts bad?

what is bad about a picture of a cute pair of shoes or starbucks or a fucking poem. i dont get it. how are you superior to someone because you like shows on BBC

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Disney Prince Payne


otherwise known as the really unfortunate post in which i prove beyond the shadow of a doubt with Cold Hard Facts and very real scientific evidence that liam is the actual human incarnation of Prince Charming

i mean let’s be real here, look at this picture of him tumbling straight out of the Disney realm to grace us mortal beings with his charm and grace


let’s go deeper, shall we?

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So Chris Brown cold-cocks a person and crashes his car and he still gets to attend the Grammys

Sean Penn has an Oscar.

Michael Fassbender goes EVERYWHERE.

Mel Gibson was at The Golden Globes.

Should I keep going or would focusing on the black guy make everyone feel better?


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your otp is what you are subconsciously looking for in a relationship


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i would pay with limbs to hear liam sing justin timberlake

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I want frank ocean to win a grammy and then the camera zooms in on chris brown’s face from several different angles

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I am Hayley and I have a serious Zayn Malik problem. I'm having a bit of a WWE phase right now too.....


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